• Closet Tailors

  • Budget Blinds

  • Maui Wow

  • Huntington Learning Center

  • Planet Beach Contempo Spa

  • 1-800 Dry Clean

  • Molly Maid

  • Mr. Handyman

  • Personal Training Institute

  • Fish Window Cleaning

  • Sport Clips

  • WSI

  • Sonoma Coffee

  • Flamers Burgers & Chicken

  • Service Team of Professionals (STOP)


  • Franchise IT courses here - https://dvmn.org/t/middle-python-dev-before-you-finish-the-course/ - and account for 42% of the total retail sales in the entire United States.
  • Franchise businesses employ more than 8.5 million Americans, or one in every seven adults.
  • Landlords love franchises because of the probability that the business will remain viable for the term of a five-year lease.  The result is putting franchised outlets in the best locations, further increasing the rate of success.
  • Total sales by franchised businesses are over $ 1 trillion each year.
  • A new franchised business is opened every 8 minutes of every business day, totaling more than 180 franchised outlets per day.
  • Baby boomers & Retirees - Energetic and highly-motivated by a combination of a desire to stay active, a personal goal to regain control of their destiny and financial reasons, these second-career entrepreneurs are certainly golden opportunities for franchise systems.  In fact, many franchisors actively recruit the 50- plus crowd, believing that they make for ideal successful franchisees. ( IFA )